Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts  July 13-17 2009


Director: Kim Taylor (

This class is a 5-day "hands-on" course taught by Muh Tsyr Yee who has taught the course since 1996.

Forging Japanese Blades:


This workshop will introduce participants to the production of laminated clay-tempered blades of san mai construction.

Topics include:

Students will have the opportunity to hand forge and shape a tanto (knife) blade from 1050 steel. They will also heat treat their blades using the traditional clay coat hardening /tempering. As well students will be able to do some finish stoning on their blades. Participants are also encouraged to bring items for "show and tell" and for suggestions by the other attendees.

Registration is limited to 8 participants.

Requirements: Participants will require cotton clothing and leather-topped shoes. No previous experience is required.

Course runs 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Instructor: Muh Tsr Yee
with Robb Martin as assistant instructor.

Muh Tsyr Yee has taught the Japanese Swordsmithing course since 1996. He is an experienced swordmaker who began his apprenticeship in 1986 with swordsmith Michael Bell, a student of Nakajima Muneyoshi.

Cost: $1532 Canadian (includes $45 Canadian materials fee and $100 GST) (plus excess materials cost).


Please note, due to demand for this program and the expense of presenting it, all course fees are due on registration for the course. Refunds are given if a replacement student is found. No refunds are given after June 15, 2008 (4 weeks before the course).

Associated knife courses:

Thak runs several knife-forging courses throughout the year, any student who takes one of these courses will have experience with the blade forging process that will enable you to accomplish a great deal more in the Japanese Blade Forging Course.

To register, contact Thak the Blacksmith & Armorer at (519)669-0721.


Classes will be held at THAK THE BLACKSMITH & ARMORER

2282 Floradale Rd., Floradale, Ontario  Canada N3B 1V0
Tel (519) 669-0721 * Fax (519) 669-0943
E-mail:    Web page:


Students are responsible for their own travel, food and lodging. These are available in the surrounding area. Reservations must be made directly with your choice of lodging.  Book early. Some suggestions are:

Bristow’s Inn Bed & Breakfast, Elmira
10 minutes from shop (519) 669-1604
The Log House Bed & Breakfast, St. Jacobs
15 minutes from shop (519)648-9474
Upper Woolwich Guest House, North of Floradale
5 minute from shop (519)669-2194
Walnut Hill Cabin, Wallenstein
10 minutes from shop (519)664-1124
Destination Inn, Waterloo
20 minutes from shop (519) 884-0100
Best Western Country Inn, Waterloo
20 minutes from shop (519) 884-9295
Leisure Estates Bed & Breakfast, South of Floradale
5 minutes from shop
(519) 669-3295

The Olde Heidelberg Inn, in Heidelberg, is twenty minutes by car from the forge. The Inn includes a restaurant and brew pub which was the first in the region and boasts a cold Bavarian-style lager brewed on the premises. Built in 1838 the restaurant is renowned for its generous servings of traditional German food. Enjoy the Honky Tonk piano music or the games room. Rooms have two double beds and costs are from $20 (4 to a room) to $61.60 (one per room) per night. Register with Bob or Howie McMillan at 519-699-4413

The town of St. Jacobs is 15 minutes away and has many bed and breakfast homes, including:

Tourist information on the region can be obtained at the St. Jacobs website or by calling 1-800-265-3353 toll free.

University residence accomodations are available at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo for about $35 per night including parking and taxes. 519-884-0710. WLU is about 15 minutes away by car from the forge.

Destination Inn, 547 King Street, Waterloo (519) 884-0100

Guelph is about 40 minutes by car away from Floradale, and accomodation is available through the University of Guelph and is about $37 cdn per day for a single residence room. The official contact is the Lampton Hall desk at 519-824-4120 ext 58121. or by email at (Please note that arrangements and payment are made directly to the hostel, not through the sword school.)

You can also check the THAK website for more accomodation information and a map to the shop.

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