A Picture History of the Sei Do Kai


Our Glorious Leader, Kim Taylor in 2012

The Early Days of Sei Do Kai began in 1987 and are probably recorded somewhere, but before the digital revolution of 2006 the photos are not easy to find.

 Carole, Bob and Chris

Here are Carol, Bob and Chris in Athletics 210 at the UG Probably some time in the late '80s.
We began with Iaido and one of our most important instructors (beside Goyo Ohmi sensei of course) was Matsuo Haruna sensei.

Matsuo Haruna and Masakazu Oshita

Haruna sensei with Oshita sensei in the late 1990s
Later we added many other arts but the third Kendo Federation art is Jodo. Here are Shiiya sensei and Furukawa sensei from Tokyo demonstrating at a U. Guelph Spring Seminar.

Shiiya and Furukawa jodo

Haruna sensei (nito) and Namitome sensei (jo) demonstrating at one of the SDK spring seminars.

Haruna and Namitome doing jodo

Our first Japanese jodo teacher was Katsuhiko Ide sensei, and he sent us Shigenori Namitome sensei who later asked the Tokyo sensei to visit as well. We have had many of the top instructors in the Kendo federation visit us over the years.

Other arts practiced by the club include Niten Ichiryu

Kim Taylor and Matsuo Haruna Niten Ichiryu

Kim Taylor and Matsuo Haruna practicing Niten Ichiryu from the 1990s.

Kurai Dori
Pam Morgan and Kim demonstrating a Jujutsu kata from Kurai Dori. A part of the iaido curriculum of the club.

Kage Ryu

This is Kage Ryu, an art of drawing and cutting with the choken, a long sword of about 5 feet overall. It sometimes involves kekaeshi, jumping up and switching the legs as you cut. This is Alex Cook of Calgary, host of an annual iaido and jodo seminar with Kim Taylor of the Sei Do Kai.

kage ryu

More Kage Ryu, those are horses not chairs. You are mistaken.

Kim getting fixed

Our brave leader getting his shoulder fixed up.

We will travel through those photos I have been able to find from the most recent to the oldest. That way when they load (slowly, I've left most of them large) you can find the newer ones first.
Provided I remember to upload new photos before another 30 years pass. Right click and view image to see a larger version, and click the back arrow to return.


Santiago jodo seminar

The 2016 (Nov 26-29) Santiago jodo seminar taught by Kim Taylor and Pam Morgan. A good turnout of around 40 students from several dojo.

CLAK kendo champs 2016

Kim and Pam teaching jodo outside the CLAK kendo championships in 2016 (Dec 1-4), Vina del Mar Chile.

CLAK kendo champs 2016

Jodo students from Equador, Argentina and Chile participated in the jodo seminars.

CLAK iaido Brazil

First Latin American Kendo Federatoin (CLAK) iaido seminar and grading in Sao Paulo Brazil. Kim was invited from Canada to sit on the iaido grading panel. March 18-20, 2016.

Brazil Jodo seminar

2016 jodo seminar at the Sao Paulo CLAK iaido grading and seminar. Kim doing a bit of a stealth seminar for the jodo students outside and for a little while, inside. I've switched a sun hat for a yellow banana leaf it looks like. We had students from all over south South America, mostly Brazil and Chile.

2016 jodo seminar and grading

CKF International Jodo Seminar and Grading, Mississauga, November 2016 with Daniel Chabaud sensei and  Corinne Marie Dit Moisson sensei.T
his seminar was organized by the Sei Do Kai.


seidokai in Japan

July-August 2015 and some of the Sei Do Kai students in Japan where they practiced in several dojo.

Liz Nicholson in Chile

Liz Nicholson of Sei Do Kai visiting Santiago Chile.


jujutsu of the sword

March 2014, jujutsu of the sword seminar in Peterborough.

Peterborough niten and jodo semianr

April Niten and Jodo seminar in Peterborough, Ont.

knifemaking seminar sdk

Sei Do Kai knifemaking course with Thak the Armourer in Floradale. The Japanese swordsmithing courses continue here.

May seminar, guelph

2014 May Seminar, University of Guelph.

Calgary Kage class

Calgary Kage Ryu class with Colin Watkin sensei. Kim taught his annual iai and jo class.


Purple uwagi

The Purple Gang in AC 210. I really miss that floor.

Peterborough koryu seminar

2013 Koryu iaido seminar in Peterborough.


Uruguay kendo, iaido and jodo seminar 2012

2012 Uruguay kendo, iaido and jodo seminar and grading.

Grading, Iai, Uruguay

Iaido grading panel, Uruguay, 2012

2012 Uraguay jodo seminar

Jodo practice in Uruguay with Alex Cavalcanti of Brazil.

Takahashi dojo seminar in Ottawa
2012 Ottawa iaido seminar.

Jodo seminar, 2012

Jodo seminar in Toronto with Furukawa sensei and Arai sensei at Aikido Yoshinkai Canada dojo.


Thunder Bay iaido seminar

Thunder Bay Iaido Seminar, 2011.

cnkc demonstration, jodo

Jodo Demonstration at the Canadian National Kendo Championships, Kim Taylor (SDK Guelph) and Thomas Groendal (Hoshu dojo Vancouver).

jodo seminar 2011

November 2011 Toronto jodo seminar with Shiiya sensei and Arai sensei.

Ontarion article

Ontarion article, Dec. 2011


Welland Iaido seminar

2010 Welland Iaido Seminar

Thunder Bay seminar

Thunder Bay seminar

Canadian open iaido

Fourth Canadian Open Iaido championships.



U. Waterloo demonstration.


Thunder Bay iaido 2009

Thunder Bay iaido seminar, 2009

jodo demonstration

Pam and Kim demonstrating jodo in 2009

SDK trip to Japan

2009 Sei Do Kai trip to Japan, posing with students from Waseda University in Tokyo.

Vancouver iaido seminar and grading

Vancouver iaido seminar and grading, 2009.

iaido demonstration vancouver 2009

Vancouver iaido demonstration byAsaoka, Ohmi and Taylor.


Niten Ichiryu seminar poster, 2009 in Aurora.


2008 Guelph Spring Seminar

2008 Guelph spring seminar. This may be the year we bought a lawn tractor to ship to Namitome sensei.

calgary niten seminar

2008 Niten Ichiryu seminar with Colin Watkin sensei. Kim taught iai and jo as well.

2008 kendochamps

I suspect Sei Do Kai participated in the demonstrations if I was there, and it appears I was.


2007 Guelph spring seminar

 2007 Guelph Sei Do Kai Spring Seminar featuring iaido gradings to 7dan and jodo gradings to 5dan. This may have been one of the largest attendances ever which was good because I think I count nine sensei from Japan in the second row.

7 dan iaido test

Seven dan iaido test 2007, Kim is on the right. He passed.

2007 iaido panel

2007 Spring Seminar Iaido grading panel.

2007 jodo grading panel

2007 Spring Seminar Jodo grading panel

Jodo grading

Ready for the 2007 Jodo Grading


2006 spring seminar

2006 Spring Seminar promotional photo. Colin Watkin sensei was in attendance to teach Niten Ichiryu that year so the seminar had three arts to offer.


2005 instructors, spring seminar

2005 Spring Seminar instructors

2005 Brock memorial seminar

2005 Brock memorial seminar for Bill Mears.

2005 Niten Ichiryu seminar with Iwami soke

2005 Sei Do Kai Niten Ichiryu seminar with Iwami soke and Watkin sensei.

brock 2005

brock camp

brock camp

In 2005 Bill Mears was ramping up his plans to hold a late summer camp similar to the Guelph spring camp. Unfortunately he passed away and this event became a memorial seminar.


2005 also saw the passing of Peter Yodzis. Peter founded the Aikido club in 1980 and was an early member of our jodo group in Sei Do Kai as well, traveling with us to the USA as we got our first training. He was one of the Five Goombas from Canada.


I wear a lot of hawaiian shirts in the summer. I had forgotten where I got the idea until I saw this photo.

mercury article

Another Guelph Mercury article.

2005 Karate seminar

2005 Karate group iaido seminar.


2004 spring seminar in Guelph
2004 Spring Seminar

2004 jodo in ottawa

2004 jodo seminar in Ottawa

2004 fall jodo seminar

2004 Fall jodo seminar

2004 canadian open iai

2004 Second Canadian Open Iaido Championships

Kim Taylor
An interview with Kim about the sei do kai to 2004.
Ontarion article

Ontarion, June 2004

Mercury article

Kim has also taught women's self defence at the UG for many years. He started with Dave Green of the Sei Do Kai and it has now been mostly passed on to Pam Morgan.


Imai niten seminar

Headmaster of Niten Ichiryu, Imai soke, 2003 seminar in Guelph.

imai budokan poster

Nippon Budokan poster of Iwami soke and Imai soke


gsjsa guelph school of japanese sword arts

John and Sachiko Prough demonstrating naginata kata at the Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts.


Naginata vs kendo at the GSJSA

sdk jodo
Students of the Sei Do Kai practicing jodo outdoors.
Haruna at spring seminar dinner
L to R: Ohmi, Kimeda, Iwamoto, Haruna, Namitome, Oshita senseis at a Spring Seminar dinner.

An article of reminiscences of Haruna Sensei http://ejmas.com/tin/tinart_taylor_1002.htm

renshi cert



2001 may seminar

2001 Spring Seminar instructors, Haruna, Namitome, Iwamoto, Oshita senseis.

Namitome, Tribe jodo

Namitome sensei and Eric Tribe practicing jodo in 2001.

tsuroka article

2001 canadian open iaido tournament

First Canadian Open Iaido Championships in Guelph, 2001, held during the Guelph Spring Seminar.

Here's a quick note on the results of the 2001 Canadian Open Iaido Championships held May 20 at the University of Guelph, Ontario.

Congratulations to all the competitors, I don't recall which club everyone was playing for but I've done my best to indicate it below. Hopefullysomeone will do a more complete report later.


1st - Yoshinkai (Toronto)
2nd - Sei do kai (Guelph)
3rd - JCCC (Toronto)

1st - Takeshi Kimeda (Yoshinkai Toronto)
2nd - Eric Chiu (Toronto)
3rd - Tyler Rothmar (Guelph)
    - Ken Morgan (Guelph)

1st and 2nd Dan
1st - Tracy Sheppard (Toronto)
2nd - Mary Margaret Heron (Toronto)
3rd - Michael Ugarte (NYC)
    - Samuel Puricelli (CMAC Toronto)

3rd and 4th Dan
1st - Sandra Jorgenson (JCCC Toronto)
2nd - Ed Chart (Guelph)
3rd - Jacques Van Alsenoy (Belgium)
    - Tim Wakefield (Aurora)

5th and 6th Dan
1st - Goyo Ohmi (JCCC/Yoshinkai Toronto)
2nd - Tom Hooper (KenZen NYC)
3rd - Kim Taylor (Guelph)

Fighting Spirit Award - Eric Chiu

CKF President's Trophy - Goyo Ohmi

record art

Cambridge Record article 2001

sportsexpress article

Sports Express 2001


Orlando seminar
orlando 2place

Second place, 4dan and up kata division, Orlando Batto Jutsu seminars and tournament.

silver medal

Appreciation certificate for teaching at the seminar.


Sports Express article from 2000


cnkc 1999

Poster for the CNKC 1999. Note the URL for the kendo federation website. Yes it was hosted on my account at the University of Guelph for several years.

gsjsa poster

The Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts began as a joint project with the Open Learning program at the University. Eventually Open Learning turned it back over to us because it didn't make as much as they had hoped. They may have kept the swordmaking course for this year because it isn't here and it did continue for several more years with us, it is still happening as of 2016 in Floradale.

ishiyama thx


Somewhere around this time Kim became editor in chief of the glossy magazine Martial Arts Fitness and Profiles (MAFP). We folded when we went into the USA but for a while it was the Canadian martial arts mag.

1999 demo


1999 demo

Sei Do Kai demonstrated jodo at the 35th anniversary of the Aikido Yoshinkai in Toronto.


1998 guelph mercury

The article says we hosted the CNKC  the next year but that ended up in Toronto instead. The iaido/kendo club would have hosted, had already begun planning.

gic thanks

We offered iaido and self defence classes to the Guelph Interaction Conference (potential incoming students) for many years.


cmac thanks

1997 seminar party

Party at Ki Design, 1997 downtown Guelph. Spring Seminar.


1996 vancouver

Taylor, Ohmi and Cruise demonstrating iaido at the Steveston Dojo, British Columbia.

1996 jodo baltimore

Sei Do Kai at the Kaminoda sensei jodo seminar. Eric, Jeff, Kim and Mori.

1990s Haruna and Jones

Some time in the '90s, looks like an outing with Haruna sensei and Trevor Jones. Along with Carole, Mori, Eric and Jeff.

1990s at Griffs

1990s May seminar, the group at Griffs.

Liam and Haruna s

Haruna sensei and my son Liam.

kendo medal

My South West Ontario Regional Dojos tournament third place team medal. My kendo career was not a long one, but I did spend a summer training at U. Waterloo with Taro Ariga sensei. I'm pretty sure Liam used this as a teething ring.

spring seminar


Budo Demonstration 1995

Budo Demonstration held May 26, 1995 at the same time as the Spring Seminar. Kim Taylor and Jeff Broderick from Sei Do Kai demonstrated Niten Ichiryu.

1995 budo demo

1990s Haruna seminar

Yet another summer seminar from the 1990s, not sure which year, probably 1995.

article mears

An article from the Niagara region concerning Bill Mears who received his 3dan that year.

1995 spring seminar

jodo seminar, 2005

Jodo Seminar in the USA with Suzuki sensei and Oumi sensei. This was the introduction of Kendo Federation jodo into the Sei Do Kai and eventually into the CKF.

1993 jodo

Jodo seminar at Guelph. Robert Miller and Peter Yodzis in the back row. I think this was probably 1995 or 1996.


iaijinx 1994

Jeff Broderick's cartoon for the 1994 spring seminar, held in June it seems. The babe is my daughter Lauren.


1993 Don Harvey

1993 Don Harvey and Brian Bettison seminar (May, 1993)

Niten demo at the iaido seminar

Carole and Mark demonstrationg Niten Ichiryu, Nito Seiho at the Don Harvey seminar.

1993 Spring Seminar

1993 Spring Seminar.

Iaido grading.

Iaido grading panel at Guelph, 1993. It would have been an ikkyu grading as that's all we held at the seminar back then.

spring seminar

1993 At Guelph article


1992 haruna seminar

Some 1992 Spring Seminar participants in the West Gym

1992 spring seminar

A few more participants.

1992, Niagara Falls

Visit to Niagara Falls with Oshita s. and Haruna s.


1991 Haruna seminar

1991 Some Spring Seminar participants in room 210 athletics.

The Sei Do Kai Presents an Iaido Seminar at the University of Guelph

with Haruna Matsuo Sensei 7 Dan Kyoshi

Chief Instructor, Musashi Dojo Ohara, Okayama Prefecture. June 27 and 28 1991 (ZNKR Seitei, limited space available) July 2 to 6 (Main Seminar, lots of space)

Accomodation in University Residences

under $30 per night

Cost: daily $35, 2 days $65, 5 days $125, 7 days $150 (pre registration by 30th April for June 26-28)

4dan taylor iaido

I was jump graded in front of the IKF sensei during the seminar which was held in conjunction with the International Kendo Federation world championships in Toronto. I received my rank later that year. John Ray sensei was watching my test which was "come here, do five kata, go away". He asked what it was and I replied I hadn't a clue.

Between the grading and December I was lower ranked than most of my students and they made me carry their bags whereever we went.


1991 visit to England with Ohmi s. to practice with Haruna sensei. There was a demo and dinner at Leeds town hall.

leeds 1991

England seminar, 1991 with Haruna sensei and Trevor Jones sensei. Front row, Don Harvey, Goyo Ohmi, Matsuo Haruna, Steve Wattering, Trevor Jones.

Leeds demonstration

The poster you send the public.

leeds thx.


Don Harvey seminar

Don Harvey and Mark Sykes seminar, University of Guelph 1990. This was, I think, the first time I was taught Tachi Uchi no Kurai by Sykes sensei. I learned it twice more and some kata I learned in three different forms.

This seminar would probably have been after we sent Ohmi sensei to England where he met Don, Mark and Haruna sensei. I believe I had also been to England with Ohmi sensei by this time.

Dave and Kim

Dave Green and Kim Taylor in 1990, photo by Greg McCormick. That's Ed Chart we think, hidden behind us.

halifax seminar

Somewhere in the early 1990s, Kim Taylor and Gary Hall in a Halifax seminar to introduce this group to iaido. We are doing Tachi Uchi no Kurai and those look like the legendary Brazilian Blackheart bokuto demonstration pair.


1989 mitsuzuka

1989, Ohmi s. Cruise s. and Taylor traveled to Montreal for a seminar with Mitsuzuka s. It was on the drive back that the name for the club was decided as the Sei Do Kai which narrowly beat out Tameshi Phu Kai. We met Fred Okimura sensei of Montreal and his students at this seminar.

I first met Mitsuzuka sensei at an aikido seminar in Amherst Mass. in 1983 where I learned a bit of Muso Shinden Ryu.


1987 swordshow

Screen Capture of Kim at the 1987 Toronto Sword Show after about a month of training with Goyo Ohmi sensei. Interestingly, Kim is still half doing Muso Shinden Ryu which he learned in 1983 from Mitsuzuka Takeshi sensei.

The Sei Do Kai starts with classes outside the Athletics Center under the trees.

Some ancient history

Iaido/Jodo seminar in Peterborough, April 1999

Jeff Broderick's gallery for the May 1999 Spring Seminar

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